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About Linda Mickey

Linda Mickey began writing when an incident at work made her so angry at her boss she killed him.  On paper.  That first late night at the keyboard took her from mystery reader to mystery writer. 

Like her protagonist Kyle Shannon, Linda Mickey was employed by a staffing agency.  After more than ten years, in which she saw everything from knife-toting secretaries to drunken vice presidents, Mickey had plenty of motive to write a mystery series featuring a temporary office worker. 

In addition, Mickey, a former corporate trainer, conducts workshops and seminars, sharing her love of writing and her knowledge of the publishing business.  “Many writers inspired and encouraged me.  I hope I can do the same for others. 

She was employed as the office manager of a small accounting firm, dividing her time between tax returns and murder but is now retired.  She recently moved to Georgia to be near family. Will Kyle move as well?