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Greased Wheels - Kyle Shannon Mystery #1
While on a temp assignment at Choice Manufacturing, Kyle Shannon learns that some people will do anything to get what they want. And sometimes what they want already belongs to someone else.After a county politician is found dead in a forest preserve and a tragic fire clears the way for a large construction project, Kyle examines what she thinks she knows about the people she now considers friends.  One of them is a killer.

Help Wanted - Kyle Shannon Mystery #4
The holidays have arrived but Kyle Shannon is not feeling festive. Her lover may be leaving and her friend Tiffany is in the financial pits. Things aren't right at Office Right Staffing either. On assignment within the company, she finds bottoming sales, temps with attitude, and a boss as frosty as a snowman.  Then somebody murders a a manger and all the ho-ho-ho goes up the chimney. Forced to add "find the killer" to their holiday wish list, Kyle and Detective Ian Page face a jumble of confusing facts until a tragic accident forces them to look at the case from a new perspective. This Christmas will be a slay-ride for sure.

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Defective Goods - Kyle Shannon Mystery #2
When Kyle Shannon tries to help out her new colleagues by taking work home, her residence is burglarized and key Drip Not documents disappear. Suddenly, her routine temp assignment becomes anything but. Confronted by corporate politics and numbers that make no sense, Kyle is all too aware that she's in the sights of a dangerous stranger. In this family business, greed has no boundaries, her co-workers aren't who they seem to be, and even the best quality control can't guarantee her safety.

Test Scores - Kyle Shannon Mystery #5
Kyle Shannon, working for School District 1926, discovers that education is like everything else. The people involved can be Grade A or rotten to the Common Core.  Kyle is already curious about some of the things she accidentally discovers in the financial records but when an attempted murder comes too close to home, her inquisitiveness  turns into an investigation. The sad truth is that not knowing the answers can lead to murder and test scores don’t tell the whole story.

Kyle Shannon Mysteries

Horse Power - Kyle Shannon Mystery #3
Kyle Shannon is plagued by more than the messy office at Bright Hope Equestrian Center. She's about to confiscate a deadbeat owner's horse, one of Bright Hope's partners is missing, and Sunny Disposition has suddenly gone berserk. To make matters worse, the two-legged clients are more high-strung than the four-legged ones.As the police investigate the human remains discovered behind the barn, many think the bones belong to a missing farmhand who was dealing drugs. Kyle isn't convinced but after she stumbles over a piece of evidence and lands in the hospital, she knows one thing for sure: there's a murderer out there who isn't horsing around.