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(Please note - Linda Mickey now resides in the Atlanta area.)

Bodies and Books - An Author Talk
Bodies and books make a perfect combination as shown when the author shares stories of her writing adventures.  Learn how she reacted to a tour of the morgue. Find out if she was nervous when the farmer took his gun out the glove compartment of his truck.  All this plus the answers to your questions about how she crafts the Kyle Shannon series. 

Includes readings from the novels, book sales and signing.

Dirty White Collars
The largest municipal embezzlement in history was committed by a trusted employee who had been known to the town since her youth. Using this an one example, Linda Mickey looks at white collar crime. What is it, how prevalent it is,

what does it cost us annually, and who commits it? The answers may surprise you.

Million Dollar Advance
Was Martha Stewart worth that $2 million publishing advance she received for The Martha Rules?  Did her publisher make any money?  What famous writer received only $1,500 and went on to make millions?   Take the quiz to match celebrities with their publishing contract advances and then get the answers in this eye-opening and entertaining peek inside the publishing business.

Investigating “Turn of the Screw”
“Law & Order: Criminal Investigation” meets Henry James in this exploration of the mysterious events at Bly Manor.  Considered by many to be a psychological thriller or horror story with Freudian undertones, this novella is also filled with mystery.  You may think you know the secret to this classic tale but are you sure?  Can you figure out who really did what to whom?

Sherlock Holmes - Under the Magnifying Glass
Sherlock Holmes is a hugely popular fiction character whose exploits have delighted millions of readers   The Conan Doyle stories reign supreme in the annuals of detective fiction.  But are these stories mysteries?  Was Holmes the reason Van Dine wrote his rules? Compare the Holmes canon to the The Detection Club's rules and find out.

Sherlock Holmes - Studying "A Study in Scarlet"
Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in "A Study in Scarlet."  The unique format of this tale was never repeated by Conan Doyle.  What led to his attack on this religious group?  What did Doyle do that was considered so egregious that unofficial rules were created to prevent other mystery writers from doing the same thing?  Curious?  Linda Mickey has the answers.

Spectrometers & Ridge Counters
CSI was the most popular television program in the world.  People are fascinated by forensic science.  In this program, Linda Mickey looks at six basic questions that the initial forensic examinations are designed to answer.  What forensic tests are routinely run on the evidence?  And is what we see on television real? How does this impact the way modern juries reach a verdict?  Learn the answers as Linda Mickey takes you inside the crime labs and the work they do.

The Business Side of Writing – Part I – Starting Out
When is writing a business instead of a hobby?  How does the publishing industry work?   What is a writer’s place in it?  What publishing options are available and what are the consequences of those choices?  What does the small print in those contracts really mean?  The answers to these questions are vital to every writer considering publication and sale of their work. 

The Business Side of Writing – Part II – Setting Up and Maintaining the Business

Must writers incorporate?  Is an attorney necessary?  Is an accountant needed?  What taxes have to be paid and when?  What role does marketing play in the business?  What is an annual business review and why must a writer do one? 

Part II examines forming a business and keeping it healthy.

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